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Client Services

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Capra Ibex is a Registered Investment Advisor that offers investment solutions in CLO junior tranches and fixed income consulting.

The firm was launched in 2010 to advise First Republic Bank on its fixed income portfolio. Since then, Capra has grown into a trusted specialist in structured credit. Reflecting the firm’s reputation for risk-management, Capra served as the sole independent advisor for the Board of J.P. Morgan when the firm was hired to investigate the 2012 “London Whale” trading incident.

Capra assembled an experienced team, strategic platform, and proprietary technology to offer investment programs in CLO equity and mezzanine debt. Throughout market dislocations and periods of volatility, we’ve helped our investors manage risk in this asset class. For example, in 2021 our flagship CLO equity fund won AltCredit’s “Best Structured Credit Fund” for its performance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Capra offers a range of financial solutions and vehicles to support our investors’ goals. Please feel free to contact us at to discuss how we can work together.

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